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Golden Age World Map 

Visualize a world of possibilities, past, present, and future with the Golden Age World Map.

The Golden Aged world map is inspired by old pirate maps, antique aged parchment, and the spirit of adventure. This map provides current map data while still capturing the allure of a world from another time.

  • All major cities are labeled using the most up-to-date map data
  • 🗺 ANTIQUE OLD WORLD MAP is a modern map with the same charming look of early maps used by explorers and 19th century professors. This is the same kind of map that was in your great grandmother's geography book and posted in countless classrooms.
  • SOFT EARTHY COLORS go well with any kind of color scheme and decor. Perfect for living room, office, study, or makes a great educational and stylish addition to the kids bedroom. Just right for offices, restaurants, schools, and countless other locations.
  •  FILLED WITH EDUCATIONAL DETAIL that builds awareness of countries, famous cities, and world geography. Lists country names, major cities, national capitals, rivers, lakes, mountain peaks/ranges, U.S. state and Canadian province boundaries as well as latitude/longitude lines.
  • 💠 NO DAMAGE TO WALLS. This mural is self sticking. It's easy to apply, reposition, and remove leaving no residue behind. Great for apartments and rental homes where you can't put nails or tacks in the wall.
  • 🎁 EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA for students, friends, and family. Makes a thoughtful birthday present, holiday gift, or anniversary gift for anyone interested in travel, history, or just likes the artistic look of antique maps. Get yours now while we have stock in supply.

The Mercator projection featured in this map is one of the most famous projections. It was the standard for nautical navigation because of its ability to represent lines of constant true direction. Later, it became a staple in classrooms to teach world geography.

Our poster map is a budget friendly alternative featuring the same unique designs. Find a frame for it, add pin stickers or use sticky decal directly on wall!